About Chloe 


You've found me!

I don't believe you've found me by chance! You might just be looking for someone just like me. Light hearted, witty, mixed in with sensuality. I'm often described as enthusiastic and curious. Its in my nature to please others. I simply enjoy my job. 

Our time together is bound to be an unforgettable one. You've earned it and I'm here to ensure you get the feminine touch and undivided attention of a sensual woman. Someone to meet you at the door enthusiastically when you come in from a long day working. Maybe that someone is ready with your favorite drink in hand, a witty story to tell, and a light whisper about the delights to come after dinners done. 

You will find in me truly seductive, sweet, attentive and playful. I am not only beautiful and sexy, I am intelligent and well educated.

You're not looking for cheap thrills. If you're going to do this, you want to have an experience like none other. You're looking for more than a fun little play-date. You want a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy fulfillment, and that's what you get with me.

Chloe Sinclair

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